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5 Simple Ways to Create the Illusion of Space in Your Home

5 Simple Ways to Create the Illusion of Space in Your Home

Whether you’re building from the ground up, or renovating on a budget, there are a few simple things you can do to maximise the space in your rooms, creating illusions of depth and height.

1. Using Paint

Working to create space in small homes is a task we often find ourselves doing at Chroma Painting Perth. There are quite a few tricks and illusions that can be achieved using clever painting in your home.

Painting the room white. White surfaces are reflective. You can bring space to a small room by painting all the surfaces white. Light will bounce of the walls making the area feel open and spacious.

Use light colours. Alternatively, if you don’t favour the brightness of stark whites, you can opt for lighter, more neutral colours such as light greys, beiges, taupes and pale yellows. The use of these lighter colours can have the same light reflecting effect that painting surfaces bright white has.

Use darker colours. You can also add the illusion of space to small areas by experimenting with darker colours. One can visually lengthen a shorter rectangular room by painting one of the shorter end walls with a light colour, and then using a shade several degrees darker on the remaining walls. Similarly, painting an end pall a darker accent colour will also lengthen a room by creating more depth.

2. Using Light

Beyond using paint to give the illusion of space to the smaller rooms in your home, you can also make great use of light. Let in as much natural light as you can with big windows. If you don’t have access to lots of natural light, you can get creative with thoughtfully placed lighting fixtures. Lots of light bouncing off the walls of a room will open up the space, making the interior look larger.

3. De-Clutter

Taking the time to get rid of unnecessary furniture and other things that take up space is the easiest and cheapest way to open up any area. Keep the floor as clear as possible, and don’t clutter the walls too much with lots of pictures or paintings.
BONUS PAINTING TIP: You can also de-clutter a space with paint by painting unsightly features and fixtures or furnishings the same colour as you wall, E.g. air-conditioning units, bookcases, etc.

4. Use Mirrors

Well-placed mirrors can be a powerful addition to small areas. Angling your mirrors towards a certain focal point in the room, as well as the use of mirrored cabinet doors or glass tabletops, give the illusion of depth. Furthermore, mirrors reflect and throw natural and artificial light around the room, making the area feel larger.

5. Make Smart Furniture Decisions

Finally, you cannot underestimate the value of multifunctional furniture. Furniture that takes up a lot of space is undoubtedly going to make your living areas feel more cramped. When possible, opt for beds with underneath storage drawers, extendable dining tables with benches for seating, etc. Try to keep most furnishing out of the way. And if that’s unavoidable, try to ensure that at least some of your furniture is the same colour as your walls, so as to blend in and create the illusion of more space.


There are so many ways to create the illusion of space within your home if you aren’t blessed with great large rooms. Interested in how we can help? Whether building or renovating, we can offer expert advice and services to any Perth home or Perth commercial property. Get in touch today for a free quote.