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Are You Getting Value for Your Money?

Value For Money

Are You Getting Value for Your Money?

Value For Money

At Chroma, above all else we value honesty. This is what really sets us apart from other Perth painters. It’s our honesty that enables us to offer competitive pricing on quality workmanship.

A question we’re often asked by clients, and hear making the rounds on Facebook groups, is “How can I tell if I’m getting a fair quote from my painter?”. The unfortunate answer? You can’t really be sure until the job is completed or already underway.

There are definitely average prices that you can come to expect, but we have found that a lot of the shadiness in quoting is revealed throughout the duration of the job and is a direct consequence of dishonesty between a tradesman and their client.

This is why, at Chroma Painting Perth, if we quote ten days on a job, then you will get ten days of quality workmanship. Alternatively, if we quote ten days on a job but complete the job in nine, then we only charge for nine days of work.

We run on a policy of honesty because in truth, it is pretty easy to tell whether you are getting value for your money on a painting job. If you pay for a six-day job, and the tradesman is only on site for four days, it’s obvious there hasn’t been a whole lot of transparency about the length and cost of a job.

The candour of our work and costs is what we have become known for in Perth. You can feel confident in the quality of our services, and the competitive prices we offer them at.

To organise a free, honest quote today, call 0466 215 121. Or get in touch through email. [email protected]