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Meet the Team: ‘Chroma Boss’ Nik

Meet the Team: ‘Chroma Boss’ Nik

One of our favourite parts about painting domestically and commercially in and around Perth is really getting to know all our clients. We recognise the honour it is to be trusted with decorating or transforming a client’s space. On every job, we form close relationships with our customers in order to learn and understand their goals and expectations. With that said, we thought it was time to turn the tables and give our clients an opportunity to learn a bit more about us!

Today, Chroma Painting Perth owner Nik Rogers talks a bit about how he got started with painting, what he loves about the work, and the various challenges he faces as a business owner.


When did you start painting?
I first started painting in England at the age of 18. I left school and pursued an apprenticeship in mechanics. After finishing my training and earning my qualifications, I found that I didn’t really enjoy the trade anymore. Fortunately, an opportunity to start painting came just at the right time. My Aunt’s best friend’s husband was looking for someone to help him with a paint job. I started with him and never really looked back. I was trained, got qualified, and then made the big move to Australia over 5 years ago now. I came to Australia with the intention of setting up a painting business. After I got my registration, away I went.


What’s the biggest challenge of running your own business?
The biggest challenge I suppose is making sure I’ve got work coming in for my team. I have a lot of confidence in the incredible skills of all the guys working at Chroma Painting. There’s always a lot of pressure making certain they get enough jobs. Naturally a lot of these challenges are a result of having only operated Chroma Painting Perth for three years. It always takes time to build up a client base and get lots of referrals. For me though, there’s the added challenge of not being from this country. I don’t have the contracts from relatives or friends that I would naturally get at home.


What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

I personally feel that there are so many rewarding parts to painting. We get to make people’s homes look beautiful and form great relationships with clients. Being your own boss is also an incredibly rewarding feeling. When you enjoy what you do, there is nothing better than putting your own name to your work. It’s also exciting working in different places all the time. But I think without a doubt the most rewarding part of my work is always meeting new people. I’ve met clients that have come to be lifelong friends. I always find myself nipping by and having a cup of tea with someone because I’m working in the area. After my daughter was born, we even had old clients bringing gifts for her. There are so many people who I have worked for that now feel more like family than customers. This kinda stuff is priceless, and to think it all came from painting a house… I feel very lucky to being living in Australia and doing what I enjoy.



Interested in how Chroma Painting Perth can transform your house or commercial space? Call Nik today to discuss your needs.